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Baldwin County Sewer Service (BCSS) is a part of the Alabama Coastal Foundation’s Utilities United program. We have been working with Alabama Coastal Foundation (ACF) and all of the Baldwin County and Mobile County wastewater utilities to plan educational outreach on wastewater operations and helping to prevent sewer spills. We all meet monthly to plan how to best inform the public about various topics related to the wastewater industry, including grease blockages, sewer spills, capacity, and wastewater treatment plants.

Visit the Utilities United website to learn about the importance of our environment and how wastewater plays a part. The web page has a lot of great information, including a chart showing all of the local water and wastewater utilities with their capacity, total miles of main lines and average daily flows. It also features a Prezi presentation that explains wastewater operations with industry terms, utility responsibility, property owner responsibility, a great infographic, short video and more.

After checking out the Prezi, take their online quiz by July 15 to enter to win free toilet paper for the rest of the summer! BCSS will send you “Forever Rolls” so that you can spend your money and time on something fun instead of toilet paper!