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Baldwin County Sewer Services

BCSS provides sewer service throughout Baldwin County, primarily in areas municipalities cannot serve, and we partner with several cities to provide sewer service to their communities. We also offer septic tank pumping in many areas of Baldwin County. Calls are always answered by a real person, and 24/7 on-site sewer service repair is available for existing customers. BCSS offers complete sewer service installation and reliable sewer service for properties on or near our service lines.

We do not currently repair or replace septic systems, but please schedule your tank to be pumped with us for a low price and excellent service.

Although we can install and repair sewer services for properties on our sewer system, we cannot install or repair sewer services on other sewer utilities’ sewer systems. We also do not offer indoor plumbing services.

If you’re an existing or potential customer and have sewer service/grinder pump inquiries, sewer service or grinder pump repairs, or would like your grinder pump cleaned, contact us at (251) 971-3022.




Schedule New Installations & Start-ups

Request that BCSS install grinder pumps and start-up pumps at new construction homes in subdivisions.

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