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Septic Tank Pumping

Schedule your tank to be pumped by us for a low price and excellent service:

  • Schedule your septic tank pumping service online by completing this form or by calling (251) 971-3022
  • We currently only pump septic tanks on weekdays
  • We do not install, repair or replace septic systems
  • BCSS does not provide a formal septic system inspection while pumping the septic tank. The Baldwin County Health Department is an option for a formal inspection, and they can be scheduled by calling (251) 947-3618. Our septic tank pumping crew can arrange to meet inspectors on site.
  • If our sanitary sewer service is available for your property, you may be eligible to connect at a discounted rate with our Environmental Enhancement Program. Contact us at (251) 971-1516 to see if we can provide reliable sewer service to your property.

Septic Tank Pumping Pricing

  • $275* for one tank
  • $200* for each additional tank on the same lot
    • *Small franchise fee may apply if in a franchise area