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If you’re an existing BCSS sewer service customer and have service/grinder pump inquiries or repairs, contact us at (251) 971-3022 anytime, day or night. BCSS repairs grinder pumps and sewer service lines on our system and offers flexible financing for repair charges that are conveniently added to monthly bills. We continually seek the best pumps for our sewer system and our customers.

  • If you own a grinder pump and hear the alarm sound or see alarm light flashing for more than 15 minutes, limit water usage and contact BCSS or a plumber to determine the issue.
  • BCSS charges $75* for a typical service call during business hours and after hours. If a pump cannot be repaired on site, the serviceman removes the pump and installs a temporary pump while the malfunctioning pump is repaired by our specialized technician at BCSS. Customer Service will contact the customer to discuss the repair and cost.
  • We do not currently repair or replace septic systems, but please schedule your tank to be pumped with us for a low price and excellent service.
  • We also do not offer indoor plumbing services, and we cannot install or repair sewer services or grinder pumps on other sewer utilities’ systems.

*If a repair is covered under warranty, there should be no charge. There may be an extra charge for on-site service if additional parts and/or labor is involved.

User Tips to Help Prevent Common Repairs

For properties with grinder pumps, if you are having sewer problems and your pump’s panel alarm is not flashing and/or sounding (depending on model), we recommend taking the following steps before calling for a repair:

  1. Make sure that your home/ business power is working
  2. If power is on, check the grinder pump breakers/ switches in the main breaker box and inside the pump’s panel box to see if a switch tripped. If the switch did trip, you should be able to easily turn it back on.
  3. If the steps above do not solve the issue, open the pump’s panel box and press the “Push to Run” button for a minute. If the pump isn’t vibrating when standing by its lid, we suggest that you contact BCSS or a plumber to diagnose the problem.
  4. If the pump turns on/ vibrates when the “Push to Run” button is pressed, it could be a problem with the indoor plumbing, which BCSS does not repair.


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