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Septic System vs. Sanitary Sewer Service


In summary, a conventional septic system treats (cleans) wastewater onsite, or within the soil on personal property, and typically, a [public] sewer system removes wastewater from a property through pipes and pumping systems to a wastewater treatment plant where it is treated and then discharged back into the  environment.

Sewer Service Benefits

  • Less Hassle. Takes the burden of waste water removal away from consumers, especially during heavy rain.
  • Can Improve Property Value. Some mortgage lenders even require connecting to sewer service where available for refinancing or purchasing property.
  • Good for the environment. Field line effluent from septic systems can pollute ground water. Public sanitary sewer is the cleanest, safest way to treat wastewater.
  • Promotes Development. Takes up much less space than septic systems, increasing room to build & develop land.
  • Reliable. BCSS offers sewer service and repairs for its customers as needed 24/7/365, and your call is always answered by a real person.

We have had problems with our septic tank since hurricane Ivan. We have new field lines and the septic tank has to be emptied every 6 months. We constantly smell sewage.

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Environmental Enhancement Program (EEP)

With the EEP, properties in our service territory can connect to our sewer service at discounted rates if they are outside of a BCSS subdivision and meet any of the following criteria:

  • Conversion to sewer service from septic system
  • New construction home/ building that qualifies for a septic system
  • Waterfront Property
I have two kids, myself and my wife living in our little house. There is a lot of water usage and when it rains a good bit, my septic system area becomes a mud pit. My septic line for my kitchen sink backed up last year, and I had to have a field line put in. The smell was horrid, and with two kids, I am tired of worrying about the nasty septic waters and back ups.

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Flexible financing is available after a low down payment with 0% options and no credit check. Payment for recent septic tank pumping by BCSS may count as a down payment.

Contact Jenny Williams for more information on connecting to our service at (251) 971-1516 or jenny@baldwincountysewer.com.

Currently my house is a septic tank nightmare. All this rain has filled my field lines, and currently anywhere I run water causes other areas of the house to backup with water. Please help.Michael Butler, Foley

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