On-Site Service 24/7/365

About BCSS

Baldwin County Sewer Service, LLC is unique in that it provides turnkey sewer service installation and repairs, in addition to reliable sewer service. This encompasses maintaining and expanding our entire system, from main sewer line construction, grinder pump installation and repairs, to lift station and wastewater treatment facility operations. BCSS uses high quality equipment and materials for its wastewater system. Since our beginning in 1998, BCSS has grown to provide sewer service to thousands of equivalent residential units (ERUs) at various residential and commercial properties throughout Baldwin County, and we have several wastewater treatments plants in Baldwin County.

Our Mission

We greatly support the community through educational, environmental and charitable outreach programs while providing unparalleled, dedicated service to our customers.

Unique Sewer Service Benefits

  • 24/7/365 on-site sewer service repairs for customers
  • A real person will always handle calls
  • We utilize the best quality materials and equipment
  • There are many easy bill payment options, including free online payments and autopay
  • Flexible financing on bills is available for service installation and repairs, including 0% interest
  • We’re currently the only local company to offer temporary grinder pumps for customers if off-site grinder pump repairs are needed


Schedule New Installations & Start-ups

Request that BCSS install grinder pumps and start-up pumps at new construction homes in subdivisions.

Pay Bill Online

Pay online with any card or echeck and view billing details.

Customer Forms

Quickly and easily complete an electronic application or autopay form.