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About our Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs)

About our Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs)

Since our beginning in 1998, BCSS has grown to provide sewer service to approximately 15,500 customers. Our current permitted capacity to service 20,000 at our three wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) located in Malbis, Gulf Shores and Lillian. The wastewater from all of our customers travels to these WWTPs to be treated (cleaned), meeting strict environmental standards that are regulated by the Alabama Department of Enviornmental Management (ADEM), and returned the environment through groundwater. ADEM also regulates our biosolids process, and CDG Engineering working with BCSS in this practice. BCSS has three primary wastewater treatment operators, with two certified operators. Please visit Safety for details on we maintain our sanitary sewer system and to read about our protocol for handling a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO).

BCCS welcomes community members for tours of our WWTP by appointment. We can also host field trips for local schools. Please contact Jenny Williams to schedule a tour.

WWTP Location Permitted Capacity Wastewater Disinfectant Method Notes
Malbis Highway 90, east of Highway 181 1.25 Million Gallons per Day Total UV
Gulf Shores Fort Morgan Rd 1.2 Million Gallons per Day  Chlorine
Lillian Off Co Rd 99 250,000  Gallons Per Day Chlorine Currently in process of adding .9 Million Gallons per day of capacity and changing to UV disinfectant method


Steelwood Off Co Rd 59 250,000  Gallons Per Day


Malbis WWTP
Gulf Shores WWTP






Lillian WWTP
Lead WWTP Operator, David Flesch