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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I call for service?
Is Baldwin County Sewer Service part of Baldwin County?
Do you offer garbage service or any other utility services?
How do I transfer a sewer service account?
What services are offered after hours?
How does BCSS determine its rate structure?
What does my monthly treatment bill cover?
What if I can’t afford to pay my bill?
Does BCSS conduct formal septic system inspections?
What is your service disconnection and reconnection policy?
Can renters put the sewer service account in their names?
What happens when BCSS detects a sewer overflow on your system?
What is the difference between a septic system and sanitary sewer service?
If I want to replace my septic system with sanitary sewer service or I'm building with the option for a septic system, what do I do?
What can delay my installation?
If a new customer or developer requests that BCSS extend its sewer main line to serve a property, what is involved in the process?