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We work closely with developers, builders and engineers to implement the best and most efficient wastewater system design suitable for a variety of developments. No project is too big or too small. Whether you are developing a 2,500 lot subdivision or an 8 lot trailer park, BCSS is here for you. We can provide individual grinder pumps for sewer force main infrastructure or onsite lift stations for gravity sewer main infrastructure. Please contact us to discuss your potential development.

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BCSS appreciates the opportunity to extend main sewer lines, install sewer service and pumps on your properties and throughout the County. Learn About our Latest Installation Procedure Here

BCSS can extend main sewer lines to new developments in many areas where sewer service is not readily available. Contact us to discuss service and for a cost estimate.

You can review the Standard Specifications for our system here.

The Wastewater Industry

To better explain sewer-related terms, such as tap and impact fees and wastewater treatment plant, we’ve created this Sewer Definitions page

BCSS Rate Structure

Since BCSS doesn’t provide water service, and cannot monitor thousands of water meters throughout the county, we charge flat rates for sewer service. Sewer treatment fees, impact fees, tap fees, etc. are based on various factors. BCSS maintains and pays for every aspect of our sewer system, wastewater treatment plants, equipment, employees, etc.

Unlike most city utility companies, we are not supplemented by government funding and tax dollars. It is important to consider that transporting wastewater away from properties is a crucial service, and oftentimes fees for luxuries such as cable, internet and cell phone services are more expensive than sewer service fees.



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