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We’d enjoy meeting with you and your team to discuss our operations, the latest updates, and how we can help you and your clients. We’ll provide you with helpful materials, such as grease containers and informative magnets, bathroom and kitchen signs. Schedule by contacting Lisa at (251) 971-1516 or lisab@baldwincountysewer.com.


Baldwin County Sewer Service is unique in that it provides turnkey sewer service installation and repairs, in addition to reliable sewer service. We also pump septic tanks at a low price and excellent service. We currently only pump septic tanks on weekdays. We do not currently install, repair or replace septic systems. For an official septic system inspection, contact the Baldwin County Health Department at (251) 947-3618.

Check out a complete list and explanation of our services here.

Baldwin County Utilities List

This helpful guide lists all Baldwin County utilities with contact information, service territory and more.

Environmental Enhancement Program

Find out if our discounted sewer tap and installation fees under the Environmental Enhancement Program apply to your properties here or contact Lisa Burke at (251) 971-1516/ lisab@baldwincountysewer.com.

Policies & Procedures

We recommend that you or the buyer contacts BCSS to confirm that a property is connected to sewer service with an active account or if the sewer service is disconnected. If it is disconnected, there could be fees needing to be paid before service is reconnected, including a $400 reconnection fee. If BCSS states that the property/ address has never been connected to sewer service, it could have a septic system or be connected to a different utility’s sewer service, even if BCSS has a main sewer line in front of the property.

To learn about our service disconnection and reconnection procedure, how buyers and sellers should transfer accounts, our rental policy and more, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Grinder Pumps

Visit our Grinder Pump Page for information about grinder pumps, why grinder pumps are needed for some properties, frequently asked questions and more.


Please feel free to send us feedback anytime- We greatly value your comments so that we can use it to work towards continually improving.



Schedule New Installations & Start-ups

Request that BCSS install grinder pumps and start-up pumps at new construction homes in subdivisions.

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