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About Us

Baldwin County Sewer Service, LLC is unique in that it provides turnkey sewer service installation and repairs, in addition to reliable sewer service. This encompasses maintaining and expanding our entire system, from main sewer line construction, grinder pump installation and repairs, to lift station and wastewater treatment facility operations. BCSS uses high quality equipment and materials for its wastewater system. Since our beginning in 1998, we have grown to provide sewer service to approximately 15,500 customers. Our current permitted capacity to service 20,000 at our three wastewater treatment plants located in Malbis, Gulf Shores and Lillian.

Taking Care of our Customers

BCSS provides a crucial service, especially in rural and waterfront areas. Additionally, the presence of sewer service improves property values. That’s not only good for you, but it also helps the community, generating more revenue for things like schools and roads.

Our customers benefit from our excellent service record. We’re on the job 24/7, so you can call us anytime. Most of our employees have been with the company for many years-some since the very beginning. We’re continually learning and improving to best serve our customers and the community.

Taking Care of the Environment

While failing septic systems can pollute groundwater, our sewer system transports wastewater away from the waterways to treatment plants that return clean water to the environment. We spend a great amount of time educating our customers and the community about how to maintain their septic systems to prevent problems. A major focus is emphasizing the importance of keeping grease and harmful materials out of any type of sewer system.

Our Mission

BCSS strives to enhance the quality of life and the environment in Baldwin County by providing environmentally sound alternatives to septic systems through the provision of sanitary sewer service. We maintain a visible community presence through our educational, environmental and charitable outreach programs, while providing unparalleled, dedicated service to our customers.