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Baldwin County Sewer Service recently held its 6th annual ornament decorating contest at Daphne East Elementary School. Six classes participated, and three classes were chosen as winners by BCSS staff.
  • 1st place: Katherine Wallace’s 5th grade class
  • 2nd place: Tiffany Durant’s English as a Second Language (ESL) group
  • 3rd: Haylee Hannah’s 3rd grade class
The classes partook in the contest with mostly recycled items or things found in nature, with many incorporating our mascot Crystal Clean. One of the contest’s goals is for the teachers and students to be creative in using these types of items to create the ornaments. We were impressed by inventive students who used materials like plastic water bottles, wood, and photos to make great ornamental decorations in their classrooms. With this project, we aim to help children learn more about saving resources and recycling to support the environment.
Delta East received a $500 donation for taking part in the project, and the winning classes’ teachers and students were also given prizes. BCSS recently presented the rewards after the school returned from the holiday break in January. BCSS truly enjoys connecting with the schools during the holidays with this fun project, and we look forward to another Baldwin County school for the contest next year!