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Installation Procedure

Baldwin County Sewer Service’s most recent procedure for installing sewer service at a property ensures a high level of care for the customers and servicemen. We at BCSS value the opportunity to serve and install services in Baldwin County. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the installation policies and the process that is described below at (251) 971-3022.

BCSS installation crews install new sewer service to properties throughout the county on a daily basis. They follow a restructured, comprehensive installation procedure that was reestablished in 2012 and is described in detail below. If you ever want to check out an installation, feel free to join a crew on site. And if you would like a copy of your installation paperwork, contact us to request that it be sent to you at (251) 971-3022.

Part of the dependable installation procedure involves an Installation Supervisor being on site for every installation and signing off on the process. The key Supervisor is Campbell Noonan- learn more about him here.

Complete Service Installation Procedure:

  1. New customer signs necessary paperwork to establish service, which includes an agreement to Construction Requirements.
  2. If any permitting is needed to access right of ways from a City, the County, State, etc., BCSS handles the process of obtaining the permit(s).
  3. When the customer or respective builder contacts BCSS that they are ready for us to install sewer service, we contact Alabama One Call to establish or renew line locates in which all corresponding utilities will mark their lines on the property.
  4. When an installation crew is available to install the sewer service, the Supervisor confirms with the BCSS front office are that line locates valid, and they go to the installation site.
  5. Crew installs the sewer lateral line from the building or home to the main road, connects a service tap where the lateral meets the main sewer line, and installs a grinder pump(s)/ lift station(s) if needed. If the customer is ready for sewer service to begin on the installation date, the crew starts service and tests everything after completion.
  6. If there is a gravity sewer system available and a pump/ lift station is not needed, a plumber often installs the sewer lateral on the property and meets a BCSS crew to connect the sewer tap.
  7. If the customer is not yet ready for sewer service to begin, the crew locks the valve at the tap, places a large red sticker on the pump’s panel box and somewhere on the front of the building/ home. This sticker boldly states that BCSS must be contacted to complete the service start-up procedure.
  8. Once the start-up is requested by the customer or respective builder, the crew unlocks the valve, starts and tests sewer service and equipment, then removes the red stickers.
  9. Once all parts of an installation are complete for each property, the crew, including the Installation Supervisor, fills out four (4) pages of signed documents, detailing each installation, and the Service Manager reviews and signs off on all of it. The crew also takes extensive photos that are filed electronically and with the customer’s paperwork.
    1. The installation documents include details on identifying different utility pipes and the testing of water in nearby water lines.
    2. An Installation Supervisor is present during every installation.
  10. The sewer service installations and completed paperwork are regularly audited to ensure compliance.


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