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Angela Foley with BCSS teaching children at the 2018 Baldwin County Water Festival

Angela Foley with BCSS teaching children at the 2018 Baldwin County Water Festival.

BCSS works to enrich the quality of life and the environment in Baldwin County by providing environmentally sound options to septic systems with our reliable sewer service. While failing septic systems can pollute groundwater, our sewer system transports wastewater away from properties to treatment plants that return clean water to the environment. We spend a great amount of time and resources educating our customers and the community about how to maintain their septic systems and sewer systems to prevent problems such as sewer spills. Learn how we handle sewer spills here.

BCSS employees explaining the septic tank pumping to a customer.

BCSS employees explaining the septic tank pumping to a customer.

BCSS dedicates a lot of time emphasizing the importance of keeping grease and harmful materials out of any type of sewer system. Our User Tips site offers a comprehensive guide on system care for our customers as well as septic system users. As it states on this site, we are continually encouraging people to keep grease and other unsafe items out of drains, and we provide complimentary magnets, signs and grease containers to help with these efforts. Also on the User Tips site, you can find the nearest drop off location for your grease containers to be recycled.

We began an online service for customer forms a few years ago, such as application and autopay forms, and these forms continue to save a tremendous amount of paper by BCSS and customers. Check out our easy electronic forms here.

Our Environmental Enhancement Program helps property owners connect to sewer service at a discount in environmentally sensitive areas and when converting from septic systems. In addition, in-house financing is available. You can view details about the program here.

As a certified septic tank pumping company, we also guide septic system owners on how to maintain their septic systems. We recommend the EPA’s Septic Smart site, in addition to the other helpful resources listed below.

BCSS partners with a number of local commendable environmental organizations to assist in their outreach programs and events, including:  Alabama Coastal Foundation | Green Coast Council | Mobile Baykeeper | Weeks Bay Foundation | Partners for Environmental Progress | The Little Lagoon Preservation Society

Latest News: BCSS Joins the Weeks Bay Foundation in Restoring Fish River Property



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