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Since we pump septic tanks, we are often asked if septic additives, such as Rid-X and Drano, help septic systems. Our certified servicemen were taught in training that these additives do not make any difference to septic systems, and a lot of money is wasted on the products. Actually, additives could harm the system and the environment, and contrary to common belief, adding the treatments to the system does not reduce or eliminate the need for septic tank pumping, as SepticSystem.com explains.

The site states, “Septic tank additives, also called septic tank treatments, cleaners, restorers, rejuvenators, and enhancers, fall into two categories: chemical and biological. Chemical additives are marketed to open up clogged drains and to break up grease and oil. They include active ingredients such as sulfuric acid, which can be highly corrosive and cause structural damage to a septic tank. Additionally, it is generally recognized that exposing soil and groundwater to harsh chemicals can harm the environment; therefore, according to an article in the Journal of Environmental Health, chemical additives “have limited use today.”‘

It appears that advertising for septic system enhancers is currently counteracting education on septic systems.

Jennifer Hause, a scientist at the National Environmental Services Center at West Virginia University, believes that “people do not understand what happens in a septic tank. The process is a natural biological process that does not need anything to help it do its job.”

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