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There are a lot of septic systems in Baldwin County. Since septic system inspections are not part of typical home inspections, it is recommended that buyers request that a septic system is checked out before they purchase the property. We have a few simple steps that may prevent you from unknowingly buying a problematic septic system:

  • Confirm if a property has sanitary sewer service or a septic system
  • If it has a septic system, ask the sellers to provide a history of maintenance/ septic tank pumping.
  • If they can show that the septic tank was pumped recently and the septic system is in good condition, great news!
    • If not, you should ask that the tank is pumped and the system inspected.
  • Companies, like BCSS, can pump the septic tank and arrange to meet the Health Department on site so they can inspect the septic system after the tank is pumped.
  • You can apply for an inspection by contacting The Baldwin County Health Department and can provide an official inspection report after it is completed.
  • If there is something wrong with the septic system, you can move forward with however you want to handle repair or compensation.

Contact BCSS to schedule a septic tank pumping or if there is anything else we can help you with!

Septic System

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