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“The reason I would like to hook up to sewer service to this particular house is I rent my house out to vacationers and I’m always worried about the septic overflowing.”
-Debbie Tewell, Foley

“When we moved into the house, the previous owner told us that the septic tank had just been redone and was in excellent shape, the yard had been dug up since our last viewing so we knew work had been done and we took his word for it. It turns out that he just emptied the tank and covered it up knowing that the giant oak tree roots were wreaking havoc on our septic lines. Our toilets starting backing up which we noticed when our son was giggling about the toilet “burping” and backing all up in our house and bathtub. I walked out back to the smell sewage and giant puddles forming on the lawn and under my son’s tree swing. After 10 months of living here, we will have to replace everything or attach to the sewer lines. The thought of this burden landing directly on my husband breaks my heart. He can and would make this happen for us somehow, that’s just who he is. But the thought of him having to worry about this is gut wrenching to me.”
-Brittany Williams, Spanish Fort

“I have a natural pond on my property and would not want to pollute it with a septic tank. My dream is to build a small cottage for my golden years.”
-Jan McCoy, Foley

“When it rains and the ground is wet our field lines do not drain properly because the water does not have anywhere to go. Therefore when we get a substantial amount of rain we ration out the water. We schedule the washing of clothes, dishes and children. It would be nice to just have the freedom to wash anything at anytime. Thank you for providing sanitary sewer to help keep the environment clean.”
-Angela Foley, Silverhill

“Septic system backs up whenever we receive heavy rainfall.”
-Daniel Stringer, Stapleton

“Currently my house is a septic tank nightmare. All this rain has filled my field lines, and currently anywhere I run water causes other areas of the house to backup with water. Please help.”
-Michael Butler, Foley

“I want to switch from septic to sewer because I think I will have better experience with sewer then I have my septic.”
-Nicole Gilmore, Spanish Fort

“We have a small septic tank and when we have a lot of rain it causes the septic tank to fill up.”
-Steve & Donna Day

“Would like to have the opportunity to upgrade our waste system and possibly increase our property value.”
-Frank Cooney, Fairhope

“I have lived in Spanish Fort for years and the money I have spent to pump and clean my septic tank, I could and should have put in BCSS a long time ago.”
-Larry Creel, Spanish Fort

“I currently have a septic system and would love to be on the sewer system.”
-Joe Mann, Silverhill

“I have two kids, myself and my wife living in our little house. There is a lot of water usage and when it rains a good bit my driveway, which is where my septic tank is located for some reason, becomes a mud pit. My septic line for my kitchen sink backed up last year and I had to have a field line put in. The smell was horrid, and with two kids I am tired of worrying about the nasty septic waters and tired of worrying about back ups.”
-Chris Atchison, Elberta

“It’s an old house, and I don’t want to keep working on septic system.”
-David Campbell

“I would love to have sewer service. My home is getting old, and I am sure the field lines to my septic tank will start causing problems sooner or later. I don’t look forward to the sewer bill, but understand it is important for the environment and my property values.”
-Sharon Mahoney

“After purchasing our new home in the Lillian area, we were informed by the neighbors that the seller had frequently had septic issues over the past few years. During the last heavy rain our toilets became sluggish and we could see that we would need a fix very soon. I know in time it would provide a peace of mind to be on a sewer service.”
-Pete Mitchum, Lillian

“Currently my family and I have a septic system. We have lived at our current residence for about 16 years. We have to get our septic tank pumped quite often. After we first moved in, we had sewage come up in our bath tub. This was within the first year of residence. We had to have our field lines redone and extra put in. This was a temporary fix. With a large family of 5 kids, I do quite a bit of washing, not to mention baths and toilet use. There are times during rainy weather we have to limit our water usage because the toilets bubble and do not want to flush. It would be so nice to have the sewer system installed to be free from dread of sewage backup. It is bad when we have company over and our toilets won’t flush or you have to limit shower usage to the ones that need it the most. We like to be clean, so this is rough when it rains a lot!! I would love to have a dependable sewer system that would allow for washing and cleaning whenever needed.”
-Daphne Clark, Loxley

“I do worry about my drain field becoming saturated one day. If that does happen I don’t think I have enough room for another drain field.”
-Sam Mitchell, Daphne

“With sanitary sewer, the worries of treating and pumping the septic tank are eliminated.”
-Frank Barnett

“We are in the process of trying to sell our home and have already lost a buyer due to the lack of public sewer.”
-Bob Doughman

“I would prefer not to have any future septic problems.”
-Eric Cooper, Foley

“Worry-free sewer service would be great so we would not have to clean the septic tank! Just moved to the area and we love it here!”
-Daryl Cooper, Foley

“I was never aware of the dangers of septic systems until after one of the hurricane’s DVD mummification agencies personnel personally contacted me at my home in Pensacola Beach and warned that getting in the sand was very dangerous because the bacteria levels from fecal contamination of what One of the hurricanes when the Environmental Protection Agency came door-to-door to tell us that the bacteria levels in the sound was so high that it was very dangerous to get in the water explained that this was runoff contamination from all the septic tanks that had overflowed.”
-Virginia Dancaescu, Foley

“We have had our septic tank back up into our house twice, how nasty, and the cost of pumping is horrible. We would rather have sewer service.”
-Tim & Kathy Harrison

“I prefer a sanitary sewer service because it is better for the environment, better for prompt service from Baldwin County Sewer, better in maintaining up-to-date technology for sewer services.”
-Marcia Littles, Loxley

“We would like to win as have seen out neighbors septic tank fall in and create tons of stink and mess. We don’t want to follow the same pattern.”
-Julie Reuse, Gulf Shores

“Just mainly for the peace of mind. With septic, sooner or later, there is going to be a problem.”
-John Griffin, Gulf Shores

“We have had problems with our septic tank since hurricane Ivan. We have new field lines and the septic tank has to be emptied every 6 months. We constantly smell sewage.”
-Pam VanSicler, Gulf Shores

“Every year my septic system backs up and I need to have it pumped out!”
-John Stowell, Gulf Shores

“Please get me off this septic tank.”
-Mike Cook, Daphne

“I worry about pollution and that I’m personally contaminating my neighborhood!”
-Amy Nelson, Spanish Fort



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