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New Grinder Pump Brand

Since 1998, BCSS has been committed to providing the best grinder pumps to our customers. After extensive testing and research,  E-1 was selected as our choice in the beginning and continued to serve our customer needs ever since. Due to evolving technology over the years, we continued to research and experiment with different manufacturers and models to ensure we offer the best pump on the market. Recently, we found a new pump that surpasses our rigorous standards, based on extensive field tests.  In view of these results, we are moving forward with the transition to the Keen pump. Keen offers the only American made, dual mechanical seal progressive cavity grinder pump currently on the market whereas the E-one pump is only a single seal progressive cavity grinder pump. We look forward to the transition to this new pump and the added value and durability it will bring to our customers.

The Keen pump has many advantages, including:[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 1034″ limit=”100″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never” class=”right”][su_custom_gallery source=”media: 420″ link=”lightbox” width=”200″ height=”200″ title=”never” class=”right”](Slideshow of photos or Photo Gallery)[/su_custom_gallery]

  • Dual oil lubricated mechanical seals versus the E-1 single seal
  • Field serviceable panel mounted capacitors versus the E-1 internal capacitor
  • Field serviceable level sensors versus internal pressure switches

>>  For our customers’ convenience, BCSS will continue to service existing E-one pumps on our system for as long as needed.

Contact us with any questions on this change at (251) 971-3022.

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