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Baldwin County Sewer Service (BCSS) has pledged a multi-year donation to the Weeks Bay Foundation for their new Rio Vista restoration project, which encompasses 25 acres along Fish River that serves as an essential buffer for the aquatic environment. BCSS also plans to volunteer equipment and labor to assist with the project as needed until it is complete. After work concludes, the Foundation aims for this site to be a nice educational space for the general public, school groups and resource managers, in addition to providing authentic park scenery for canoers and kayakers.

The Foundation has received a grant from the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program for the restoration of the Rio Vista site and to make these natural resources more accessible to the public. Yael Girard, the Executive Director of the Weeks Bay Foundation, elaborates on the project’s significance: “Water is an integral part of Baldwin County, and Fish River an especially loved feature. The Rio Vista Preserve will provide the community with a unique way to recreate on, and learn about, this treasured waterway. Residents will have an opportunity to be a part of the Preserve from the beginning, through volunteer opportunities such as planting trees and cutting trails and can experience firsthand how our actions on land are directly connected to the health of our rivers and bays.”

Rio Vista restoration project,

They also welcome corporate and foundation partners to help fund this undertaking. As an accredited land trust, it is part of the Foundation’s mission to safeguard the area’s most sensitive lands—and water—by acquiring property for preservation purposes. Individual and corporate donations, plus grants and the Foundation’s annual fundraisers, provide the necessary capital to support the Foundation’s projects.

BCSS works toward enriching the quality of life and the environment in Baldwin County by providing reliable sewer service and through our community outreach. We are passionate about helping organizations, like the Weeks Bay Foundation, achieve their goals in upholding and improving vital environmental components of our community. We hope that our customers and friends will be as excited as we are about participating in this project. You can contact the Foundation to learn more about their work and find out how you can help the Rio Vista site.